The Regional Police Headquarters in Lodz

The Regional Police Headquarters in Lodz (Poland) is a government administration entity competent in the matters of protecting the safety of people and maintaining the public safety and order.

Their tasks include:

  • protecting the life and health of people, and the property against unlawful attacks affecting these goods,
  • protection of public safety and order, including ensuring peace in public places and in the means of public transport and collective transportation, in road traffic and in waters intended for common use,
  • initiating and organising activities aimed at the prevention of committing crimes and misdemeanours and of criminogenic phenomena, and cooperating in this respect with the state organs, self-government bodies and social organisations;
  • detecting crimes and misdemeanours and prosecuting their perpetrators,
  • supervision of specialist armed protective formations to the extent specified in separate regulations,
  • checking compliance with the order and administrative provisions related to public activities or mandatory in public places,
  • cooperating with the Police of other countries and their international organisations on the basis of international agreements and arrangements, and of separate provisions;
  • collecting, processing and submitting criminal information,
  • maintaining the database containing information on the results of the analysis of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

The Police are the main service whose statutory task is to fight crime. They are equipped with many structures specialised in combatting manifestations of crime, including its organised form, and adequate logistic facilities.

Within the scope of their tasks, in order to recognize, prevent and detect crimes and misdemeanours, the Police perform operational activities and these ones of recognition, enquiry and investigative activities, and administrative and order ones.

The Regional Police Headquarters in Lodz (RPHQs in Lodz) is divided into 34 departments and teams subordinate to the Regional Police Commander. The RPHQs in Lodz includes 22 city and district Police headquarters to whom the Police stations and outposts are subjected.