Spanish National Police

The Spanish National Police Force (Policía Nacional-PN) is a police force (LEA) born in 1824, since their origin have been growing as police force up to the present day. Currently is a more than 70.000 police officers Law Enforcement Agency with competences in all Spanish territory. One of the PN strategic lines in home security is to achieve a police force more dynamic, more efficient and more intelligent using new technologies and new working methods to be more effective.


According to the Organic Law 2/86, depending on the Spanish Minister of Interior, the PN statutory tasks, among others, are: “Capture, receive and analyze the data of interest in order to ensure the public security, and study, plan and execute all the techniques and methods to prevent the crime ”. In order to carry out this mandate, the Spanish National Police is in charge of:

– Aid and protect persons and goods.

– Maintain and restore the public order and citizen security.

– Investigate crimes, arresting the culprits and bringing perpetrators to justice.

– Collect and analyze interest data in order to maintain the public security.

– Issue and control the national identity cards and passports.

– Enforce the legislation on foreigners.

– Collaborate and aid to other countries’ LEA.

– Control over private security.