Two study visits in Lodz, Poland

The works of the international consortium Safe Stadium aimed at assessing the vulnerability of large-scale sports venues to terrorist threats related to the potential use of CBRN agents are entering final stage. This time project experts met in Lodz at two facilities administered by MAKIS (Municipal Arena of Culture and Sports). The opportunity to visit the venues were, respectively: a concert of an Australian music formation Dead Can Dance (05.05.2022) and a speedway match (08.05.2022). During the concert at Atlas Arena, which can accommodate about 13 thousand spectators, gathered several thousand fans. While the speedway match on Motoarena, which can accommodate over 10 thousand seats, was attended by 4500 fans of both teams. This two visit were very important for the project, as they focused on different types of events, previous visits were held in relation to football matches (Lech Poznan, Poland; MSK Zilina, Slovakia; Lodz Widzew, Poland and Real Madrid, Spain). Since sport objects may hold various types of events (various matches, concerts, conferences) those visits allowed to observe safety procedures at different context. Two visits in Lodz were the last planned within the project research phase, which included also desk research and survey with sport facilities employees. Conclusions from research phase will be used to create special safety procedures and a system of comprehensive training for people administering multi-level sports and entertainment venues.  

Stay tuned.