Study visit in Zilina, Slovakia

The Safe Stadium Team performed next study visit (7-9.02.2022).

This time experts analysed CBRN safety of MSK Zilina stadium located in Zilina, Slovakia.

The visit covered interviews with the stadium security officers, participation in pre-match security briefing, analysis of the stadium physical security solution and observation of implemented security procedures before, during and after match.

Study visits are part of Safe Stadium activity (Work Package 2) which focus on Research & Analysis and more concretely on good practices identification, vulnerability and risk assessment. The activity cover survey with stadium employees form EU countries, analysis and selection of good practices within desk study research, elaboration of sample CBRN scenarios and performing study visit at sport facilities (e.g. football stadiums, multipurpose arenas). Next study visits will be organized in Match and April at Atlas Arena and Motocross Arena in Poland and Real Madrid in Spain.

PS: the visit at stadium was organized during UEFA Youth League match MSK Zilina U-19 vs Inter Milan U-19. The score of the match was 3 – 1 for MSK Zilina.
Safe Stadium team congratulate the winning team!