Study visit in Lodz, Poland

From 4th to 6th November 2021 the Safe Stadium consortium organized a study visit in Lodz, Poland. The meeting covered visit at the Prevention Branch of Police in Lodz and at two City Stadiums.
The visit started at Police facilities, where project partners were informed about day-to-day work of local Police officers, legal and operational challenges they face, eqiupment thay use daily and theirs experiences maintaing order and safety during mass events, also at sport facilities.
Then the experts moved to two City Stadiums where sites visitsand interwievs with stadiums security officers and management were conducted. The visit focused on the structure of stadium buildings, location of security services, and their skills (dynamic observation, incidents detection etc.), location and quality of CCTV, clients’ behaviour, crowd dynamics at the facilities and relevant operational and emergency plans and procedures.
The event was combined with project press conference.
Next study visit will be organized in MSK Zilina at Slovakia (02.2022) and Real Madrid in Spain (03.2022).