SAFE STADIUM Consortium partners coordination meeting- 01.06.2022

On the 1st of June 2022, an on-line meeting of the SAFE STADIUM consortium partners was held.  During a joint debate, representatives of scientific institutions, former special forces officers and experts from various security fields from 5 European Union countries discussed the progress of work conducted under the project, which focuses on increasing the level of protection of multi-sport arenas against terrorist threats caused by the use of CBRN agents.

 The meeting was opened by the project coordinator Prof. Michał Bijak from the Centre for Prevention of Biological Threats at the University of Lodz (SAFE STADIUM project leader), who presented the agenda and the order of the meeting.
During the speeches of the following speakers the issues concerning the content and the final shape of the information materials prepared in the form of leaflets, brochures, schemes of action, directed to the people managing the safety at sports arenas (WP 4) were considered. They discussed the way to implement e-learning platform (WP 6) to increase awareness and develop effective response to the occurrence of potential threats and discussed issues concerning the definition of threats of CBRN type that can occur during mass events. Experts from various fields of security presented their proposals for the development of an effective system of detection and removal of contamination caused by threats of biological, chemical and radiation nature and referred to the issues related to the development of the system of evacuation and medical assistance to people affected by a terrorist incident (WP5). Important issues raised during the meeting was the development and implementation of a training program, which is dedicated for employees of services providing security during events in multi-sport arenas (WP6) and the development of a model of spreading biological threats (WP7). The effects of the undertaken works
and verification of the worked out solutions will be crowned with exercises carried out on large-area objects being the arenas of mass events.
The works of consortium are in progress. Stay tuned.