Meeting in Rome of Safe Stadium consortium partners

On January 30-31, 2023, was held in Rome a meeting of SAFE STADIUM Project’s consortium. This time the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome (Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli IRCCS) was a host of the meeting.

Representatives of the University of Lodz, as a leader of the consortium, moderated a discussion about the progress & plans regarding different thematic areas. As the work in the project progress, the discussion between partners focused on project concrete solutions:

  • Set of recommendation tailored to the needs of sport focusing on infrastructure including security by design; available software & detection/protection equipment solutions improving CBRN safety. Task implemented within Work package: 5 Development of elements of the system – infrastructure, ICT, equipment.


  • Procedures, tools, plans and guidelines in the area of CBRN safety covering: action schemes (graphic visualisation of most important safety procedures designed for stewards); vulnerable spots protection (a checklist for sport facilities that could support safety check before organized events); PPE (personal protective equipment most suitable for sport facilities), detection and decontamination procedures; evacuation procedures combined with crowd management and cooperation with LEA as well as basis in triage procedures at mass sport events. Tasks implemented within Work package: 4 Development of elements of the system – procedures, tools, plans and guidelines.


  • Training programme for main target groups of the project. Partners agreed on topic and size of training materials for main target groups members: (1) security staff; (2) stewards, (3) managing staff, (4) non-security-staff and (5) tenants. Tasks implemented within Work package 6: Development of elements of the system – training materials and eLearning platform.


It was agreed that within upcoming months partners will focus on finishing WP4 and WP5 procedures and recommendation as well as on transferring elaborated solution into flexible and tailored training materials for sport facilities. Project members will also test part of prepared tools, as Safe Stadium project will be involved in organization of an event focusing on services’ activities in the incident involving CBRN, scheduled for May 2023 in Poland.