Internal training

On January 17, 2024, police officers from Lodz Voivodeship Police and the City Headquarters in Lodz as well as security experts from Lech Poznań, Seris Konsalnet and City Arena of Culture and Sport in Lodz attended a Siena X training. Siena X is an exercise tool developed by International Security and Emergency Management Institute that allows to test simultaneous online communication of many entities, implementation of solutions to solve crisis situation and assessment of the actions undertaken by a group of experts. After the training, there was an discussion related to various threats that training participants experienced in real life during matches they organized/secured. Additionally, solutions (procedures) prepared as part of the project have been discussed. The workshops are one of the last preparatory stages of the project, before large-scale exercises planned for March 2024 in Lodz, which are a part of a validation process of a Safe Stadium deliverables.


The training was organized by International Security and Emergency Management Institute and Lodz Voivodeship Police.